Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Milestone #1 - We are nearing another milestone in our lives, that is my husband and me. Our son, Nick is engaged to be married to Lindsay Jacobs on May 20. He is our last child to be married and we are thrilled. It is very comforting when your children find wonderful lifetime mates. We feel blessed.

Milestone #2 - 50! I will be turning 50 this summer.

Milestone #3 - Wills! Drafting a will that is. We did that when our children were babies but haven't looked at it since. So, the camp had a representative through the NWYM to come out here to talk with us about estate planning. We made up a new will.

Milestone #4 - We are selling our Newberg house. Our renters recently moved out so we decided it was time for us to sell the home we bought before we came out to the camp and move on to something else.

We all move through these type of milestones in our life. We also have a choice as to how we move through these milestones, with gusto or dreading it. I am in the middle, between gusto and dreading. I'm leading toward gusto!


Amy said...

Make sure that in your will I go to Tim if something happens. I don't think he'd like to give me to Aunt Devonne.

Michael said...

I'll take the elliptical machine...