Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its my mom's and daughter's fault!

I don’t really feel that I have too many issues from how I was raised. I have a fairly laid back family and we’re pretty close so I don’t spend my days sorting out things from growing up. Until this week.

We didn't travel a whole lot when I was growing up because we lived on a farm and it was hard to get away. But we did have a lot of company. Because of that I learned one thing from my mother that practically gives me panic attacks every time we have company. It’s this: Your house MUST be spic-and-span before company arrives.

I know why we always did it, and it is really nice to have a clean house for when company comes. I have been busy at work so I have sent myself into a mental frenzy for weeks trying to decide how I am going to get the house clean. I bring this up now because we are are expecting company in a few days for a whole week including my daughter and her family.

So will the house be clean, you ask? You bet! I have had my fair share of running around the house making lists of what I needed to clean before everyone arrives this weekend. Today I mowed the lawn, washed the outside windows, cleaned off the deck, finished planting my flowers AND I made sure I scrubbed the bathroom floor this time. All thanks to my daughter who comments every time she visits that my bathroom floor is dirty. Check it out Amy when you get here!