Monday, February 12, 2007


Sometimes I think it is harder to get ready for a vacation rather than actually going on vacation. I am in Colorado Springs spending a week with my daughter. Her husband is on a business trip to New Mexico so it is a perfect time for us to have a girls week. It seemed like I had a million and one things to do at work in order for me to leave. There are so many details that I oversee in my position that sometimes I overlook something. So I called the camp several times this morning to have camp folk do a few things for me in order to be ready for our guests this week.

So, I am here in Colorado Springs. It's cold but the sun is shining. Amy has our week planned. We plan on shopping for a dress to wear for Nick and Lindsay's wedding; go to Archivers to make a picture frame and drool over all of the fun things they have there; watch "Charlotte's Web' at the matinee; shop some more; and probably stop at Starbucks a few times. Since Amy works at a Starbucks I imagine we will stop by there several times.

I plan on taking naps during the day, reading a couple of books I brought and go through a bunch of receipts so we can get our taxes done. (That last part I don't look forward to but I have to get it done.)

I just read my friend Sherry's post about her trip with her "girls" to Seattle. I look forward soon to be able to do the same thing with my "girls", Amy, my daughter-in-law Melissa and my soon to be daughter-in-law Lindsay.

Lindsay's engagement ring story: When we found out that Nick was thinking about asking Lindsay to marry him I decided to let him know that I have my mom's wedding ring. If he wanted to look at it and give it to Lindsay for her ring I would give it to him. He looked at it and thought it was great, but we decided there was a few little things that could be "updated" on the ring. After all the ring is 64 years old.

So, Nick took it to Wayne's cousin who is a jeweler. They talked through what they could do with it, made a few changes, cleaned it up, reinforced it, sized it and it was ready to go. We took a picture of the before so we could see the difference. Wow, I wish I had the pictures here in Colorado to post, but it looks great. We saw the ring on Sunday and it looks beautiful. It still has quite a bit of the original ring design but with a modern twist. I told Nick and Lindsay that Grandma Ankeny would be pleased. I just about cried.


Mrs. Chappy said...

YAH! Girls night sounds fun!!

chjensen2 said...

I saw the pictures of the ring from Nick, it looks great. I'm glad one of 'the guys' in our family got to use it. I hope they both treasure it, I'm sure they will.